An Invitation To God’s Great Banquet

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  • Pharisees had rejected Christ and were secure by Abrahamic ancestry
    • Luke 14:15
  • Jesus always sought to destroy false religious hope
    • Jude 1:3

The Invitation (vs. 16-17)ܟ̰ܝܲܕܬܵܐ

  • “Big” Deipnon (Dipe-non) and “Many”
    • Matthew 22:1-10
  • There were two invitations. First to let you know you would be future invited (vs. 16), Second invitation came when everything was ready (vs. 17).
    • Matthew 23:6

The Excuses (vs. 18-20)ܡܵܗܵܢܹ̈ܐ

  • Possessions and relationships (Land, animal, wife)
    • Deuteronomy 24:5

Inclusion (vs. 21-23)ܚܒܼܲܫܬܵܐ

  • Two additional groups were included: One group “Bring” Eisago (ice-ag-o) in people from the streets of the city and Second group to “compel” Anagkazo (an-ang-kad-zo)the folks outside of the city by the highways

Exclusion (vs. 24)ܛܖ̈ܝܼܕܹܐ

  • If anybody rejected the invitation you'd never let them back into the dinner

Spiritual Lessons or application:

  • A man, that's God, was giving a big banquet, Salvation, the eternal kingdom, through the prophets and the men of God, invited many, meaning Israel.
    • Luke 13:34
    • Luke 4:21
  • But when God sent his servant (Jesus and the apostles), and told them the time is now, the kingdom is ready, salvation is here.  Then they had excuses.
    • Luke 14:26-27
    • Luke 13:34-35
  • His goodness, His generosity and His kindness have been treated with contempt. So the house was filled with the remnant of Israel and the Gentiles
    • Matthew 5:3-5
    • I Corinthians 1:26-27
  • The nation of Israel won't be at the banquet but many of you have been invited.