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David's Worship

  • With Joy: King David Played Music as he brought the Ark of Covenant. (2 Samuel 6:5)
  • With Humbleness: David Jumped & Danced in front of the Ark. (2 Samuel 6: 14-16)
  • With Appreciation: King David Sacrificed Pease Offerings. (2 Samuel 6:17)
  • With Blessings: Hecelebrated by Giving Food to All the Israelites. (2 Samuel 6: 18-19)

Why Worship?

  • To Bring Back teh Worship to its Place (God Appointed Israel to Worship Him)
  • To Bring the Ark to Get the Blessings (v12)
  • To Be Known Who is the REAL King! (v21)