Verse of the Week

  • Week 39 - Leviticus 20:26

    And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.

    ܘܗܵܘܝܼܬܘܿܢ ܐܸܠܝܼ ܩܲܕܝܼܫܹܐ: ܣܵܒܵܒ ܕܩܲܕܝܼܫܵܐ ܝ݉ܘܸܢ ܐܵܢܵܐ ܡܵܪܝܵܐ: ܘܦܪܝܼܫܵܘܟܼܘܿܢ ܝܼܘܸܢ ܡܼܢ ܛܵܝܸܦܹܐ: ܠܹܗܘܵܝܵܐ ܕܝܼܝܼ.

    و برای من مقدس باشید زیرا که من یهوه قدوس هستم، و شما را از امتها امتیاز کرده‌ام تا از آن من باشید.



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Daily Devotional

A Daily Devotional from
  • Day 290: Psalm 112:1-4 (2017-10-17)
    Blessed is the man . . . who finds great delight in his commands. The prophet makes a distinction between a willing and prompt endeavour to keep the law, and that which consists in mere servile and constrained obedience. We must, therefore, cheerfully embrace the law of God, and that, too, in such a manner, that the love of it, with all its sweetness, may overcome all the allurements of the flesh, otherwise, mere attention to it will be unavailing. Hence a man cannot be regarded as a genuine observer of the law, until he has attained to this—that the delight which he takes in the law of God renders obedience agreeable to him. The prophet, in affirming that the worshippers of God are happy, guards us against the very dangerous deception which the ungodly practise upon themselves, in imagining that they can reap a sort of happiness, who knows what, from doing evil. The generation of the upright will be blessed. As not a few are disposed to pervert this doctrine, by applying it as the standard according to which God dispenses his temporal favours, it is therefore proper to bear in mind what is said in Psalm 37:25, that these are bestowed according to the manner, and in the same measure, which God pleases. Sometimes it happens that a good man is childless; and barrenness itself is considered a curse of God. Again, many of God's servants are oppressed with poverty and want, are borne down under the weight of sickness, and harassed and perplexed with various calamities. It is therefore necessary to keep this general principle in view, That God sometimes bestows his bounty more profusely, and, at other times, more sparingly, upon his children, according as he sees it to be most for their good; and, moreover, he sometimes conceals the tokens of his kindness, apparently as if he had no regard for his people at all. Still, amid this perplexity, it constantly appears that these words were not uttered in vain, the righteous and their offspring are blessed.